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The abortion providers listed here come from a list found at the Abortion Clinic Guide and are used with their permission until I develop my own.

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The List

Miami,  Florida

A Woman Health Center - 305-545-0084
237 NW 12 Ave, Ste B, Miami, FL 33128

A Choice for Women Inc. - 305-630-3363
6660 SW 117th Ave., Miami, FL 33183

A Eve Center - 305-591-2288
3900 NW 79th Ave., # 575, Miami, FL 33166

A Eve of Kendall - 305-670-9797
9350 S. Dadeland Blvd., #100, Miami, FL 33156

A Woman's Care - 305-947-0885
68 NE 167th St., # A, Miami, FL 33162

Able Cosmetic Care - 305-541-2346
2036 SW 1st St. Rear, Miami, FL 33135

Academy Women's Medical Center - 305-485-4044
8300 W Flager St. # 130, Miami, FL 33143

Advance Women's Care Center - 305-649-4599
2742 SW 8th St. # 20, Miami, FL 33135

Blue Coral Women's Care Inc - 305-264-4940
7360 SW 24th St., Miami, FL 33155

Orvi Medical Center - 305-573-3077
3212 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137

Today's Women's Medical Center - 305-441-0304
3250 S Dixie HWY, Miami, FL 33133

Top-GYN Ladies Center - 305-446-9111
4391 W Flager St., Miami, FL 33134

Women's Health Care Inc - 305-325-1493
1250 SW 1st St., Miami, FL 33135

Women's Health Center - 305-595-4936
606 W Flager St., Miami, FL 33130

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