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The abortion providers listed here come from a list found at the Abortion Clinic Guide and are used with their permission until I develop my own.

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If you find abortion providers that you know are really out there, email me with enough information so that I can verify their existence and I will include them here and submit their information to other free sites.

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The List

Austin,  Texas

Int. Healthcare Solutions - 512-331-6651
9805 Anderson Mill Road, Austin, TX 78750

Austin Women's Health Center - 512-443-2888
1902 S. I.H. 35, Austin, TX 78704

Planned Parenthood South Austin - 512-276-8000
201 East Ben White Blvd., Austin, TX 78704

Reproductive Services of Austin - 512-458-8274
4804 Grover Ave., Austin, TX 78756

Whole Women's Health - 512-835-6403
8401 N. I.H. 35, Austin, TX 78753

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